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Welcome to Dixieland dental, the best dentists in Dothan AL. We put our best efforts to make sure each patient feels comfortable and the doctor and his team would be delighted to care for your tooth health. Have you noticed that oral health is related to your overall physical health? Oral health is not only about its great appearance but making you feel great. Our mission is to focus on your health at an affordable price with a wide range of needs.  We use the most updated dental technology to support our clients with great and nice services. What you will experience in our clinic will be:

  • Your choice of relaxing care
  • Advanced dental innovations for customized treatments
  • Great teams to welcome you and your family.



The most common procedure for dental treatment would be like this: Dental nerve treatment → core → crown After dental nerve treatment, a task called core is performed before the crown is placed. The core is the work of reinforcing and reshaping the tooth head to fill the hole drilled in the tooth and place the crown on it. At this time, if the amount of the remaining tooth head, or crown, is too small, it is difficult to withstand the various forces generated in the mouth with only the core. This means that even if you put the crown on, the core may fall off or break. So, to increase the strength of the core, a column is planted at the root of the tooth, which is referred to as erecting a tooth post Since the post is called post in English, it is sometimes called the post or post crown treatment. Planting columns in teeth is similar to planting rebar when building buildings. Since the reinforcing bars are erected first and concrete is poured over them, the building will not easily collapse and will remain stronger. Conversely, if a building is built only of concrete without reinforcement, the strength will inevitably be weaker. Like this, erecting a tooth column is a way to make your teeth last longer.